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  Adrian King is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor.  He began practicing bodywork in 2006 while studying therapeutic massage at the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia.  Since then he has gone on to study myofascial release with John F. Barnes, lymph drainage therapy through the Chickly Health Institute, Thai massage in Toronto, Canada, vinyasa yoga at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia, and herbal medicine at the North East School of Botanical Medicine.  Adrian received his BSc from Temple University for his studies in kinesiology. Throughout his career, he has worked in collaboration with a variety of health professionals to help clients receive optimal care. By working in environments such as wellness centers, sports medicine clinics, and with NBA basketball players, he has gained experience with a wide range of populations. 

Adrian abides by a holistic philosophy, aiming to do more than simply treat symptoms, but rather support people in bringing balance to the body and mind as a whole.  His massage treatments delve deep into the body's tissue to release restrictions, while educating clients about self-care and mind-body awareness.  In his yoga classes, students are guided through a relaxing yet stimulating blend of movements, postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, which benefit the many dimensions of life.  

Besides his work in the health profession, Adrian takes part in a variety of creative pursuits.  Passionate about music, he has a talent for the guitar, flute, percussion, and songwriting.  He also enjoys exploring the visual arts, culinary arts, and the world of nature.  He is an experienced world traveler, having journeyed throughout the U.S, Mexico, Central America, the Middle-East, and Europe.

License # - MSG001135

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