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Services and Rates


Integrative Massage      $50/30min   $95/hr   $140/90min   $185/2hr

Combines elements of Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, stretching, and more. An artful flow of therapeutic hands-on techniques, uniquely designed to address each individual's condition. Effective in releasing stress, decreasing pain, improving range of motion, and promoting physical and mental health. 


Myofascial Release        $50/30min   $95/hr   $140/90min   $185/2hr

The fascia is a dense connective tissue that structurally supports and interconnects all systems of the body. Pressure and stretches are sustained for several minutes at a time to release tissue restrictions, restore fluidity, and break holding patterns. Great for chronic pain, and trauma that's been stored as tissue memory. 


Thai Yoga Massage        $50/30min   $95/hr   $140/90min   $185/2hr

Utilizes rhythmic compression,acupressure, stretching, and assisted yoga postures to balance the flow of energy through the energy meridians. This modality can improve flexibility and range of motion, while leaving one relaxed and centered. The practioner not only uses hands and elbows, but also feet and knees to perform techniques.


* 10% off for students and seniors


* 6-pack: 12% off each session

* 3-pack: 7% off each session



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